• The Teaching of Blackbeard
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The Teaching of Blackbeard

Blackbeard's life - his loves, his gold, his joys and bloody final battle. This historical adventure covers all of Blackbeard's life, from his youth in Bristol to his bloody death in Carolina.

Three boys form a gang that roams seventeenth century Bristol, sharing scrapes, righting wrongs and breaking hearts until a love tangle flings them apart. Years later, one has become a notorious buccaneer, another is a failed adventurer whose last chance of success is to rid the Caribbean of pirates; Fate brings the old rivals into collision one last time.

With calamitous storms, sea battles, pirate fiestas, corrupt politicians, slavery and a ducking stool, the full flavour of Blackbeard's time is brought to life.


Author: Jeremy Birch

Paperback book


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