• Does It Hurt, Granny? and other stories
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Does It Hurt, Granny? and other stories

Jake and his granny enjoy each other’s company. They walk, cycle, swim, read, play tennis (sort of), take trips out as they always have done.

Only Jake’s granny has Parkinson’s and some days, Jake feels a little bit sad for her.

This series of books explores the very strong relationship between a little boy and his granny. Nothing much has changed since the word “Parkinson’s” has been said. Jake and Granny just do their stuff and the disability hovers.

This first story is intended for families where there has been a fairly recent diagnosis and lives have not been changed significantly. It is meant to be read as a simple narrative, gently exploring Jake and Granny’s world of slow worms and hermit crabs, splashing in the pool and trying to play tennis. There is no fear in these pages.

The book is reassuringly bright, with lively illustrations by Phil Goss, water colours full of energy and humour.

Jake can’t wait for his next visit to Granny’s. All is well.

Jake says to Granny “I’ll do it, Granny”, as all little children do. Who is helping who, though?


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