• Sir Tony Robinson's Famed History of Bristol (DVD)
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Sir Tony Robinson's Famed History of Bristol (DVD)

The star of TV’s Blackadder and Time Team, Sir Tony Robinson, reveals many of Bristol’s hidden historical secrets in a new DVD.

The film captures Tony’s passion for history combined with his great sense of humour, for example, when he goes on board The SS Great Britain, he gives a highly entertaining recitation of a poem about a roly poly pudding in pure Blackadder style.

The film also captures the highly moving occasion when The Matthew, the Bristol-built replica of John Cabot’s tiny ship that discovered Newfoundland, sails down the River Avon, out into the open sea for the very first time.

In this candid investigation of Bristol’s history, Tony Robinson also delves into the Slave Trade when he visits Henbury Churchyard, in search of the grave of Scipio Africanus, a young slave brought to the city.